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Gaining - and keeping - the right market access for your brand can be challenging! Dexzi Advisory is here to guide you with over two decades of success working for small to mid-size pharmaceutical and biologics companies. How do you - and where should you - start contracting with payers to protect or gain your fair share of access? Need advice on setting up your market access functional areas and business processes? Does your new team or legal or finance counter-parts need development and coaching to work through your first access agreements? Dexzi Advisory provides the service and experience you need as your on-call resource, project advisor or access coach.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Project Deliverable Engagement services cover special projects to advise on, recommend or plan market access contracting business practices, infrastructure, staffing plans, models and systems, decision processes and business plans. Gain insights from the experience of building and growing market access capabilities and market successes for small to mid-size companies with launch and mature brands.


Experienced Guidance

Ever want to just pick up your cell and phone a friend for a sounding board, reality check, or the other best answer to your market access or contracting question? Advisory On-Call offers the knowledge, insights and experience to help understand the circumstances, find a good course, or an alternate approach when time is short. Flexible time bank plans customized for your team.


The Path to Success

Build your market access capabilities by expanding the knowledge, know-how and critical thinking in developing market access contract offers and contracts. Dexzi Advisory Services develops and coaches market access, legal and finance staff individually or in a limited group to high industry standards and service levels for market access contracting. You will know your contracted business is at par, contract provisions well-curated and your contract process efficient.

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